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Basic Energy Healing

Clean Up Your Vibration! Your body is your temple and your temple needs some decluttering, energetic space clearing, and a deep cleaning.

02 Basic Energy Healing deeply listening to the Divine

You look and feel dragged out and exhausted, with body aches and pains that scream out for your full attention.

You’ve been secretly bingeing on back-to-back Netflix marathons, porn, beer, 4-cheese mini frozen pizzas, chips and dip, and do-it-yourself hot-fudge sundaes before you float into a sugar/carb coma, only to wake up in a stupor and start it all over again.

Yes, dealing with reality sucks

But now you’ve gone over the edge avoiding basics like throwing out the smelly garbage, brushing your teeth, and changing your underwear.

You feel dirty, but even a shower isn’t gonna help you at this point—

with unwanted entities, critters, and parasites stuck on you

—not to mention other people’s projected dagger-like-pokey energies—their judgments and criticisms, thoughts and feelings about you… all energetically feeding off you in more ways than one.

You know your energy stinks. You’ve grossed yourself out.


The Law of Attraction seems to be bringing you Everything You Don’t Want.

You need help cleaning up your ugly, habituated, negative vibration so you can get yourself back on track.

This straight forward Basic Energy Healing Program is offered initially as a 3 Month Program and is renewable at the same tuition rate. Once Energy Basics are mastered, 1 Month Programs may be purchased.

  1. 3 Month Basic Initiation Program– $4,000
  2. 1 Month Renewal Program– $1,500

Prepaid Tuition receives $500 off.

Weekly Sessions via phone/Skype are 90 minutes in length.

Please inquire about your tailor-made Basic Energy Healing Program and specific PayPal Payment instructions (within US and International) details via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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